“Coppa Claus” continues to spread holiday cheer 24 years later

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — It’s almost Christmas and Coppa Claus made his way back to the the Coastal Empire to spread holiday cheer.

For 24 years- the Reverend Todd Rhodes also known as “Coppa Clausa” in the blue Santa suit made by his wife 24 years ago; has given gifts to more than 10,000 children in Georgia.
He also helps families in need.

Coppa Claus is a former cop who says he says he’s witnessed a lot of families struggle.
So he thought about — how he could make a difference.

“When you see people who are in need, and they’re trying to make a decision of do I pay the rent this month or do I buy food or do I buy Christmas gifts for my children. A lot of these people can’t buy a Christmas tree let alone lights and ornaments…We try to make it easy for them which makes it easier for the children,” Rhodes said.

He says what keeps him going is the amount of love and support he receives from the community.

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