Former NBA player shocked to find toilet stolen from Texas home

DALLAS, Tex. (WSAV) — A former NBA player came home late Tuesday night to find he had been robbed — toilet and all.

Charlie Villanueva, who most recently played with the Dallas Mavericks, said his home was “just burglarized” around 10 p.m.

Things got even more puzzling when he discovered what thieves took from the house.

“I’m still in shock of the things they stole, but the one stands out most is a toilet,” he tweeted.

Villanueva also tweeted that all of his appliances had been stolen.

Villanueva tweeted this photo around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night of the bathroom where his toilet used to reside.

The odd robbery quickly gained attention on Twitter.

“We have to do something to flush these thieves out,” said Norman Eaglestone.

“That’s a clean un-install,” tweeted @withinreasonMD. “You’re looking for plumbers with a felony record.”

Inside Hoops NBA chimed in as well with a call to action: “Whoever stole Charlie Villanueva’s toilet, please return it in the condition you found it.”

One anonymous Twitter user even launched an account called ‘Stolen Toilet,’ asking, “Charlie are u looking for me???”

Villanueva says he has called the Dallas Police Department several times with no response.

He tweeted at their account @DallasPD a total of 7 times — no word yet from the department.

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