Results of survey regarding Savannah’s Forsyth Park Confederate Monument

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Survey results are in regarding the city of Savannah’s Confederate monument at Forsyth Park.

Nearly 5,000 residents and nonresidents responded to the survey — and the majority don’t want any changes.

State law prevents the monument from being moved, but the city has considered adding interpretative displays to tell a more complete picture of the civil war.

Dr. Jamal Toure, a member of the city’s Confederate Monument Task Force believes that leaders should be commended for seeking input and for trying to show a more complete picture of the history surrounding the Civil War.

“Each generation will record its own history and tell and assess its own history and that’s what’s happening today and that’s what the mayor is doing also – looking at it and saying in our time period we must assess our history and the stories here in Savannah. And so the council and the mayor had the insight to do this which put us ahead of the curve in many other areas,” he said.

The Task Force will make recommendations to the City Council on how or if the monument should be modified.

There have been controversies about monuments in other places – months ago, there was violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over moving a monument.

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