Statesboro Mayor Jan Moore sets five year strategic plan for city

STATESBORO, GA (WSAV) – As 2017 comes to an end, Statesboro is already planning for the years to come.

Recently the city council voted unanimously on a five-year plan laying out upgrades that would be vital to its growth and success. Many of these upgrades were suggested by the council and the citizens of Statesboro.

Current major Jan Moore said it was a major priority that needed to be done. Especially when she first took office.

“Initially into my term, two or three years ago, I realized that the city did not have a strategic plan,” said Moore. “It had never had a strategic plan.”

She and the city council decided to meet with the citizens face to face to know what concerns and problems needed to be looked at.

“We had public hearings. We did a number of things to try and gather the necessary information from anything. From surveys of constituency, residence that kind of thing. We even had a public meeting on Georgia Southern’s campus.”

After gathering all the ideas, they narrowed it down to 12 key initiatives. These ranged from improvements in traffic and pedestrian safety, to sewage and water, as well as upgrades to downtown and job opportunities.

But Statesboro Mayor-Elect Jonathan McCollar stated that even though some of these initiatives are needed, there is a key piece still missing.

“The people are still missing,” said McCollar. “Statesboro is dealing with poverty. What are you doing to address poverty in the strategic plan? Statesboro is dealing with issues with its young people. What are you doing to address young people in this plan?”

As the new year begins, McCollar will be the leader of the city. Budget planning begins in the spring. He stated he will allocate funds to these initiatives, as he and the council see fit.

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