Marco Rubio says he won’t support current tax reform bill without changes

(NBC News) — Passage of the Republican tax plan appears to be on hold.

Senate Republicans can only afford to lose two votes, and five are in question.

Senators Mike Lee and Marco Rubio are holding out to make more of the child tax credit refundable to low and middle income families.

“Unless they can figure out a way to add to the $1100 figure, I won’t support the bill,” Rubio says.

Senator Bob Corker could also be a no. He’s concerned the one and a half trillion dollar plan adds too much to the deficit.

Senators John McCain and Thad Cochran have both been out ill; it’s unclear if they’ll show up to vote.

Democrats, meanwhile, are still pushing to delay the tax vote until the end of the month, when Alabama’s new Democratic Senator Doug Jones shows up in Washington.

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