Inspector general to review EPA’s 2017 hurricane response

Bayardo Perez prepares to dismantle the mangled tin roof of his shed in Sweetwater, Fla., Monday, Sept. 11. Inland communities like Sweetwater were spared the storm surge from Hurricane Irma, but streets were swamped, fences and trees fell, cars got stuck in floodwater, and the ground will remain saturated as trillions of gallons of ocean water flow south through the Everglades. (AP Photo/Jason Dearen)

WASHINGTON (AP) – An internal federal watchdog says it will conduct a wide-ranging review of the Environmental Protection Agency’s preparedness and response to the major hurricanes that struck the United States this year.

EPA’s Office of Inspector General announced its pending probe in a letter sent Wednesday to senior officials at the agency.

The letter says the review will examine whether EPA adequately protected human health and water resources in the regions affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

The notice says the inspector general’s goal is to help the agency better plan and respond to future hurricanes.

The letter did not say how long the review might take.

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