New police substation to be built near Georgia Southern

STATESBORO (WSAV) – As Georgia Southern grows, students and their parents want to make sure it’s a safe environment.

Lately, the concerns of parents have made their way to Statesboro police, Georgia Southern leaders and Mayor Jan Moore.

“She and I both receive a tremendous number of calls from parents and from students…but particularly from parents of students wanting to know what we are doing to help protect their kids in the neighborhoods around Georgia Southern,” said Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead.

The solution: using some money from a property tax increase in September for a police substation, located near Paulson Stadium. This would all a greater police presence by GSU and Statesboro. And the first phase will be a trial run.

“We are really looking at about a 18 month project just to see does this have an effect. Is this useful? Are people using it? Are people meeting with officers there? Are they reporting crimes there? Does it help with the perception of crime? And so really we are going to feel it and see how it goes.”

Though it won’t be manned 24 hours a day, it is a place where students will always find help.

“Part of our plan for this substation is that there will be a hard wired phone there. So if someone shows up to make a report or need help, there’s going to be a phone right there that  they can pick up that will go right to dispatch.”

The Georgia Southern and Statesboro police are looking to have the substation opened by February 1st.

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