Hundreds attend funeral for 5-year-old killed in bus crash

HINESVILLE, GA – Family members, friends and members of the community gathered in Hinesville on Saturday morning to remember the life of 5-year-old Cambria Shuman.

The little girl was killed in a bus crash on Tuesday near Ray Road and Hwy 196. The funeral service was held at 11 a.m. on Dec. 9 at Gum Branch Baptist Church.

Clay Rowe, a community member who attended the service, told News 3 he helped gather children at the scene the day of the crash.

Rowe said, “I looked at them, they had cuts and scratches on them and some of them were bleeding. I had to get it together quick.” He told News 3 he held on to Cambria’s sister, Sage, who was also on that bus. “I reached her and I hugged her over at the bus and I can feel her just trembling in my arms, and her little face just trembling and I said, ‘oh man.’ She’s a strong little girl, she really is.”

Hoping to provide strength in numbers, Rowe said he attended the funeral to support the whole family and share a message with parents who feel the pain of a loss they can’t comprehend.

“I’ll tell you this, don’t ever let your kids leave home without saying I love you,” said Rowe.

Anyone wishing to help the family with expenses can donate to one of the GoFundMe pages set up to honor Cambria. For links, click here. 

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