GoFundMe pages set up for family of 5-year-old killed in bus crash

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – Family and friends have launched GoFundMe accounts in honor of the 5-year-old killed in a school bus accident on Tuesday.

Cambria Shuman was on the way to school in Hinesville yesterday morning when her school bus ran off the road in Gum Branch.

More than 20 other children were injured in the crash, and Cambria lost her life.

Stuffed animals, flowers and cards now lay at the site of the accident, but friends and family are finding other ways to honor her.

“Everyone in the community is pretty much taking it the same way,” said family friend Dillon Parker. “I know that they’ve started a GoFundMe page for them and they already have like 900 bucks on the GoFundMe page from yesterday evening. I’m pretty sure this community will come together.”

Screenshot of the ‘Cambria Shuman’ GoFundMe page

The donations have only continued. On Wednesday, both pages combined have raised over $9,000 and each has been shared over 1,000 times:

  1. In Memory of 5 yr. Cambria Shuman by her grandmother
  2. Cambria Shuman by her family friend

All of the funds raised will be given to Cambria’s family to offset any expenses, News 3 has confirmed.

“These are loving people who have always put their children first and are loved by so many here in Liberty County,” Krystal Moody wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Most of all we ask that you please send prayers for the family and all of her siblings.”

An investigation into the cause of the accident is underway. Funeral arrangments have not been released at this time.

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