Detectives never found a gun, but they did find “overwhelming” ammo evidence in Carver Village triple murder

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The lead detective continued her testimony Wednesday for the third day of the Carver Village triple murder trial that left three dead in 2015.

Detective Allison Nichols has been on this case since the morning of October 22, 2015, when the bodies of Kiana Marshall, 21, Alexis Kitchens, 19, and Isaiah (Corey) Martin, 18, were found in a house on Lynah Steet back on October 22, 2015.

Nichols told the jury that the gray Honda a witness spotted leaving the scene that night matches the one James Hampton was captured driving around town in surveillance videos. She said the videos also confirm the approximate timeline of how the night went according to the third suspect, Diamond Butler, who said Hampton dropped the girls off at his house in Yamacraw and left.

Nichols testified what Butler told her happened when Hampton came back later that night, “She stated that they get got, she saw them with their guns, she said that James was sweating and shaking. And at one point, she was huggin’ up on him, and that’s when he whispered in her ear that he killed all three. And then after that point, they partied, they drank, smoked marijuana, and listened to rap song to include, Yo Gotti’s ‘Bulletproof,’” Nichols said.

In this case, police never recovered a gun, but the detectives have proven that the three victims were shot and killed with a nine-millimeter highpoint.

Nichols testified that the nine shell casings found at the murder scene included eight Federal Cartridge (FC) bullets and one Black Hills Ammunition (BHA) bullet.

After searching Hampton’s apartment, detectives found an empty box of BHA and eight FC bullets—matching the bullets used in the murder.

Nichols said the evidence along with witnesses testifying that Hampton had a 9-millimeter that he named “Nancy”, is “overwhelming evidence.”

“At the crime scene, there were 9 shell casings. Eight of them were BHA, one was Federal or FC, all nine millimeters,” she said, “Only FC and a BHA box were found in that apartment.”

She added that it BHA is rare, and it was “huge” for them to find only those two 9 millimeter ammunition inside Hampton’s apartment.

However, there are no fingerprints on the ammunition evidence, which Hampton’s defense lawyer argued means there’s no “scientific evidence” connecting him to the murders.

An ATF agent also testified, confirming pictures he found on Hampton’s cellphone of him holding a 9-millimeter gun.

The defense is expected to start their case at the Chatham County Courthouse Thursday.

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