Video: Legal battle ends, officials release dashcam video showing naked Randy Travis in 2012 DUI arrest

Grayson County, Texas (KXII) — After a long legal battle, officials in Texas have released the dashcam video that shows Randy Travis during a 2012 drunk driving arrest.

The singer had just crashed his car and became belligerent to the officer on the scene.

Travis was taken to jail that night after he was arrested for a DUI and crashing his Trans-Am near Tioga, Texas in August of 2012.

Troopers say a blood alcohol sample showed he was twice the legal limit.

In the video you can hear officers say Travis is running from them.

You can also hear the trooper say, “I want to prepare you for something. The naked man sitting in the back of the truck is Randy Travis.”

“Mister Travis, he’s running. Come back here. Hey! Come back here. Come back. I’m going to have you sit here, OK?

Travis: “Take me home”

“OK, we’re going to take you home.”

Travis: “Will you?”

“Uh Huh.”

Travis: “How quickly will you take me home?”

“Mr. Travis, your car?

Travis: “Take me home!”

Travis reportedly declined when the paramedics offered to take him to the hospital.

“Mr. Travis, You hit pretty hard over there.”

Travis: “I’m as fine as a damn dandy.”

On the way to the Grayson County, Travis gives the trooper a piece of his mind.

Travis: “I pray to God that he will have a cancerous growth that infects his bones and every part of his body.”

“What that directed towards me, Mr. Travis?”

Travis: “Yes, it is.”

And then later, the singer told a story about his harsh childhood and then had this to say:

“So you think you G** Damn got the right to do me this way? Mother ((****)), no you don’t. Oh hell no you don’t. You will die you mother ((****)).”

Travis: “You better pray now.”

“Why is that?”

Travis: “Because you’re a dead man in under 10 minutes.  It just keeps adding up.”

“What am I adding up?”

Travis: “Reasons to kill you.”

“I’m sorry.”

Travis: “You’re a dead man by tomorrow.”

Travis: “You think I’m lying to you, just check me out.”

“Ok, Mr. Travis.”

Travis: “I know a lot of people. I know the head of Mafioso families, man. I promise you I do.”

The singer was sentenced to probation and rehab for the crash.

Travis: “You’re enjoying the hell out of this making me wait aren’t you? Maybe I would too.”

The Travis family asked that the video be destroyed and fought in court for years to keep it private.

But a U.S. appeals judge overruled that request.

In a lawsuit, Travis claimed he got drunk and naked because he was worn out from his busy concert schedule.

Travis suffered a near fatal stroke a year after the arrest.

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