Nearly 8,000 homes evacuated in S. California wildfires

VENTURA COUNTY, California (NBC News) — More than 7,000 homes are under an evacuation order in Southern California as a massive brush-fire continues to spread after already burning 25,000 acres.

Firefighters will have another long day ahead of them already dealing with more than 10,000 acres burned in Ventura County.

Just before midnight on Monday, an additional 1,000 homes evacuated, when the flames began to burn near the east end of the city of Ventura.

Neighbors here say they did not expect the fire to grow this quickly.  In fact, at one point officials reported this to be a 5,000 acre fire and one hour later that doubled in size.

Schools will be closed this morning in the Santa Paula area as well.

The fire also left more than 200,000 people without power, and fire crews are bracing for another day of strong gusty winds and dry conditions.

Fire officials say they were not able to fight the fire from the air overnight due to the harsh conditions.

They are planning to launch fire suppression planes and helicopters as soon as the sun comes up Tuesday morning.

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