Houston’s Josh Reddick visits his elementary school

EFFINGHAM COUNTY (WSAV)- It was a homecoming fit for a champion…well a World Series champion that is.

Houston Astros centerfielder Josh Reddick returned to Marlow Elementary not just to visit with kids and read “The Little Engine That Could,” but also to walk down memory lane. Principal Leslie Dickerson knew Reddick back when he was a student. In fact, she was his fifth grade teacher and remembers the boy before he became the ball player.

“Josh was a very shy young man, but a very conscientious young man,” said Dickerson. “He always got along with other students. He worked very hard in class.

Reddick said he’s glad to be back home and happy to help his community in any way he can.

“I really do enjoy coming back and helping out the youth and it doesn’t matter what it is,” said Reddick. “Whether it’s building a field or coming in and reading a book. Seeing their faces. That’s all that matters. I like seeing the little kids when they light up.

And many still remember the boy who ran down the halls all those years ago.

“He’s still Josh Reddick,” says Dickerson. “He is the little fifth grade boy that ran around here. He’s just down to earth, very loving, very kind and a very giving young man.”

And the story he read reflects his life.

“He started as a little, he persevered, kept on. He had been told no you can’t do it. And he decided ” Oh yes I can” and he kept on going. And as we can see, he has won the World Series.”

Reddick’s foundation has given back through scholarships and community projects. A ball park in his name will be ready in spring 2018.

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