Garden City, CSX Hoping to Stop Railroad Crossing Problems

It is a problem which has brought traffic to a standstill in Garden City.

We have been on your side documenting the trouble with trains and the long delays folks there dealt with almost every day.

City leaders say the public outcry and medai coverage is making a difference.

“When I got to the railroad track at 10:15, it was already blocked by the train,” said Peggy Edward back in November.

Trains that brought everything and everyone to a stop in Garden City.

“I have contacted CSX in the past and told them we have medically fragile students on this bus,” Timothy Moore said to Garden City Council. “There was no collaboration.”

In the past few months you’ve heard from folks stuck in park at the railroad crossing.

Some others who can’t even get out of their house when a train comes by in case of an emergency.

But after months of very public complaints and public meetings, CSX railroad did some behind the scenes work that is making a difference.

“I don’t know exactly what they’ve done but whatever they’ve done works,” explains Mayor Don Bethune.

Thats because Mayor Don Bethune hasn’t gotten a call from one resident in more than 10 days.

“We havent had those long blockages,” said Bethune. “They are either stopping those trains short of Garden City or they not making the train up quite as long, whatever csx has done is really working.”

Bethune isn’t just taking the railroad at its word, he’s taking numbers.

“The good thing that has come out of the meetings I had, I have a number,” explains the Mayor. “Where the gentleman answers that phone pretty quick. He’s responsive to me and takes care of the issue quickly.”

A quick response that been months in the making.

Bethune wants to remind folks even though the arm is going up, the tracks aren’t completely clear yet.

“Now is the problem completely solved, no,” said the Mayor. “There are going to be trains that break down on the track, there are going to be unforseen issues for CSX.”

The traffic trouble may be even less soon.
The Mayor says the Georgia Ports Authority is spending 140 million on new rails on their property, and a new overpass on Highway 25 will take more trains and trucks off the street.

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