VIDEO: Astronauts throw pizza party on space station

In this Nov. 18, 2017 photo provided by NASA, from left, American Mark Vande Hei, Russian Sergei Ryazanskiy, Italian Paolo Nespoli, American Joe Acaba and American Randy Bresnik display the results of their made-from-scratch pizza pies at the International Space Station. The fixings flew up in November on a commercial supply ship. (NASA via AP)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (WSAV) — Astronauts threw an out-of-this-world pizza party on Saturday night.

The Expedition 53 crew on the International Space Station received a special supply of pizza fixings after one member mentioned his craving during a live public event.

“When you really, really miss pizza… you casually mention it to the International Space Station boss,” Italian astronaut and engineer Paolo Nespoli tweeted.

The IPDS (Intergalactic Pizza Devouring Squad) of six made their pizzas from scratch, with flatbread, tomato sauce, pepperoni, olives and cheese.

But before devouring their creations on movie night, the crew had some fun flinging and flipping their pizzas around the station.

Commander Randy Bresnik said the edible flying saucers received “12 thumbs up” from the crew — Nespoli included.

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