Soldiers celebrate the holidays at Hunter Army Airfield

SAVANNAH, GA – Three hundred soldiers, family members and guests of the Army National Guard units celebrated the holidays at Hunter Army Airfield.

On Sunday, the Savannah community gathered for a traditional holiday meal served by volunteers. Aircraft and tactical vehicles were also on display, for soldiers to give kids a taste of what they do.

Keith Pattillo, an Air Medical Evacuation Pilot, told News 3 he just returned home in April after being deployed for eleven months. He said, “it’s pretty hard on the kids, but luckily they’re young enough where they don’t fully understand it. They just know daddy went bye bye in a helicopter.”

He also told News 3, knowing the community has their family’s back, gives soldiers reason to keep on fighting.

“For us, we don’t come in for the standard one weekend a month, we come in an average two to three times a week to fly and maintain proficiency, so when we get the opportunity to bring families out, it means a lot,” said Pattillo.

(R) Congressman Buddy Carter and Mayor Eddie Deloach were also in attendance.

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