Richmond Hill Police looking for victims associated with skimmer bust

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. – Thanks to the quick thinking of one convenience store employee, an alleged skimmer now sits behind bars.

On Thursday, Richmond Hill Police say a CVS female employee called them after observing a man lingering around an ATM for a significant amount of  time using several different debit cards.

Police caught up with the suspect, Adrian Burloiu, and discovered more than 425 fake debit cards and roughly $30,000 in cash. Burloiu, originally from Romania, was found with a Romanian passport and U.S. identification. They also found hardware able to hack and skim ATM machines.

Police ask you regularly check your bank accounts to see if you may be a victim.

“We’re asking people to contact us but we don’t know where all the victims may be. Could be between here and Roanoke and anywhere,” Richmond Hill Police Lt. Brad Sykes said.

Also if possible, police recommend, paying inside with an attendance than with an outside card reader.

If you believe you may be a victim please contact the Richmond Hill Police Department at 912-756-5645.

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