Chatham Co. Health Department, Coastal Health District take stand against Diabetes by offering free risk assessments


It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month and if doesn’t affect you directly, it likely affects one of your family members or friends, and they might not even know it.

One-in-four people in the United States have diabetes and haven’t even been diagnosed, and more than one-million people in Georgia alone have the disease— according to the Coastal Health District.

But the Chatham County Health Department along with the Coastal Health District are working together to change that.

On Wednesday morning, they offered people of all ages the opportunity to learn more about  diabetes, their potential risk for the disease, as well as their risk for pre-diabetes, through health assessments. (‘Pre-diabetes’ means your blood glucose, or your blood sugar, level is higher than normal, but not yet developed into diabetes.)

The assessment included a quick health history questionnaire and a blood-glucose test, all to encourage healthier lifestyle choices.

“The effects of diabetes are…we see people that experience blindness because they’re not getting enough blood flow to the eyes. People lose limbs because their circulation is poor in their hands and feet—and death is an effect of diabetes—we don’t want it to get to that point,” said Cristina Gibson, the Chronic Disease Prevention Director for the Coastal Health District and the Chatham County Health Department.

Gibson told us their next step is offering a free class in January that will teach healthy eating and exercise habits.

For more information about the free class, you can call the Chatham County Health Department: 912-356-2441

Click here to visit the Georgia Department of Health, Coastal Health District Website.

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