A SC lawmaker wants to know how you feel about daylight saving time

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSAV)– Just a few weeks ago we had to roll back those clocks for daylight saving time and we’ll have to move them forward in the Spring. Well now at least 1 state lawmaker is considering getting rid of Daylight Saving Time in South Carolina.

Representative Alan Clemmons from Horry County prefiled the bill in early November that would allow voters to decide whether or not the state should continue to observe Daylight Saving Time (DST).

DST has been observed nationally since the 1960s as a way to conserve energy by gaining an extra hour of daylight in the summer. Jonathan Besler says that’s the best part of the time change.

“I am a summertime guy. i love having that extra hour of sunshine i wish it could last all year long, so i don’t mind that we have to do it both ways, you give some you take some,” said Besler.

But taking away from industries that could benefit from that extra hour is the concern of some economic experts.

Dr. Victor Oyimbo, an economics professor at Benedict College, outlined some of those industries. “The barbecue industry..it sounds funny..makes on average $120 million… if you look at the recreational industry.. golf for example.. they make an extra $200-$400 million because of daylight saving time,” said Dr. Oyimbo.

Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that do not currently observe DST. But voters in South Carolina say some things should just be left alone.

SC resident Peter Hoyt was a little discouraged when asked how he felt about the possible time change. “Don’t you think South Carolina is already out of step with the nation enough,” replied Hoyt.

Besler says he hopes DST isn’t a top priority. “I would hope that lawmakers have bigger issues on their minds. i think we’ve got a lot of issues we need to deal with at the state and federal level.. healthcare poverty, opioiods,” added Besler.

If the bill moves forward voters could see it on the ballot as early as November 2018.

Since Rep. Clemmons prefiled the bill, one more lawmaker has signed on; Rep. Robert Brown of Charleston County.

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