‘I was in complete shock’ Bryan County mom says kids are battling bullying

ELLABELL, GA – A mother told News 3 she pulled her children out of school after numerous counts of bullying.

Denise Perkins said she just moved to Georgia with her family less than three months ago, but she says her kids transition to Bryan County Middle School was anything but smooth.

“I was making doctor’s appointments and everything to keep them out of school. My mentality was just on edge constantly and scared. After two days of going to school he was bullied so bad that he told me he was going to commit suicide,” said Perkins.

The mother of three said her eighth-grader required treatment after cyber-bully attacks and her seventh-grader was being physically abused. One note from a bully read, “If you’re his friend tell him to watch his back because he’s going to pay.” Perkins told News 3 her son received this message after she and her husband filed a police report against the bully, who she claims pulled a toy gun on her son.

“When he came into the house, he was completely scared to death because he thought it was a real gun,” she said. Perkins also told News 3 she tried to speak to the parents of the bully before calling the police, but they did not take any action.

Perkins said she went to the principal of the school twice with detailed documentation of every instance, cyber-attack and concerned text message between her and her sons, but the school did not make an effort to correct the problem.

“The principals have got to take this seriously. It shouldn’t be on the parents once they send their child on that school bus,” said Perkins.

She told News 3 her kids are no longer receiving threats after starting home-school, but she hopes things will change for other kids and concerned parents in the future.

News 3 reached out to Bryan County Middle School for comment and are still waiting for a response.


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