Video: How to protect your Cyber Monday deals from thieves

(NBC News) — Here we are, another Cyber Monday and most of us are poised to save a lot of money by buying Christmas gifts online.

But what are we doing to insure those gifts get safely delivered ?

Porch pirates are sailing through neighborhoods across the country this holiday season and being pretty brazen about it–like the thief who stole from Michael Garrison in Phoenix.

Garrison said, “I come home and review my camera, sure enough UPS delivered at 1:28, three packages and at 1:34 a gentleman in a U-Haul truck takes away at 1:34, three packages.”

Garrison obviously had security cameras, but police say that’s, often, not enough.

Sgt. Jon Howard of the Phoenix Police Department said, “We see good videos and see very clear videos now-a-days but we still have to identify that person.”

Because the holidays are the busiest, the delivery services are beefing up security--like the Post Office offering tracking and email images of what’s on its way.

Susan Wright, spokesperson for United States Postal Service said, “It couldn’t be easier. You register and start receiving emails immediately.”

Consumer experts, though, say the best cure might be prevention by having the package delivered to some place other than your front porch.

Nicholas DeLeon of Consumer Reports said this method “allows you to authorize packages to be delivered with a neighbor or different locations or customize when packages are delivered.”

“… And credit card companies like American Express offer coverage up to $1,000 to recoup your loss.”


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