Holiday decorations may improve your mental health

SAVANNAH, GA- Many families are already decorating their homes, and studies show putting up your Christmas lights may improve your mental health.

According to Linda Morgan, a licensed clinical social worker and the director of Thunderbolt Counseling, decorating can trigger hormones like dopamine in the brain. It can also bring back old memories of childhood or encourage folks to start new traditions.

“The lights sort of signal a time when families come together, going to see people they haven’t seen in a while, talk about some things you haven’t talked about or to get clarity on some things within yourself,” said Morgan.

Doreen Holmes is the owner of Doreen’s Nursery School in Savannah. Every year, she decorates her home with more than one hundred and fifty decorations for the holidays. Holmes told News 3 that she hopes her lights will spark a desire in passer-byes to help those less fortunate around the holiday season.

“I would just pray that the community will come together more in love and share each other instead of the balance that we’re having and be more giving. More giving,” said Holmes.

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