WSAV Parker’s Outstanding Student: Nicholas Arrowood

Savannah Ga – Being voted a team captain is one of the highest honors in sports and this month’s Outstanding Student, Nicholas Arrowood, is so admired by his Savannah Christian teammates he’s a two sport captain football and baseball.

“He’s got great character, demonostrated leadership in school, community, and academically. For me with Parkers, we want to reward students who’ve gone beyond, exceptional And Nick certainly has demonstrated that,” said Greg Parker, CEO of Parker’s.

His nearly perfect ACT scores and 4.3 GPA aside, it’s his service to other that sets him apart. He took it upon himself to launch a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Program at Savannah Christian, and his teammates reactions made it all worth it.

“The way they talked about it was amazing. Zach Quinney, being 6’6″, never seen him have a sensitive side. He’s talked in chapel about it and said how emotionally touched he was and it was a different side you haven’t seen from football players,” said Arrowood.

He’s not sure which college he’ll attend yet, but he knows which track he’ll be on.

“I want to major in biology on a pre-med track, and go to medical school. This money will definitely help me achieve that and be able to go to college I want to and prepare myself for medical school,” said Arrowood.

And his baseball coach, Carl Carter, says he’s worth of that field with the highest compliment.

“Deserving of this award. Known him for 4 years, know he’s going to be successful and I want him to go be a doctor because I want him to be my doctor,” said Carter.

If you want to nominate a student for the WSAV Parker’s Outstanding Student Scholarship fill out a form on


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