Shop Small Day is Saturday, you’re asked to support a local business

The “Shop Small” campaign officially got underway earlier this week. Savannah Mayor Eddie Deloach and other city officials gathering to ask everyone to support a small, local business this holiday season.

But many small business owners say they do rely on that support all year. “At least 50 to 60 percent of the local customers that come here we know them by name, ” says Javier Carro who owns Blends a Coffee Boutique on Broughton Street.

He has 20 employees and is open pretty much all day. And this business is one example of why the “Shop Small” campaign is being pushed.

“Our small businesses are a big part of our improving and job creating local economy,” says Tony O’Reilly from the Small Business Assistance Corporation

The SBAC says 80 percent of all businesses in Savannah are small businesses which is why O’Reilly says check one out, especially over the holidays. “There’s going to be some great deals, they can do great deals just like everybody else but you’re going to get service with a smile and when you go back the next time they’re going to know who you are,” said O’Reilly.

Amy Dover from the Small Business Chamber of Commerce says “when you’re going out and supporting a small business you’re supporting your neighbors you’re helping your local economy..”

Carro agrees saying since his is a local business that “every single thing that he does can support the economy of Savannah.”

“Shop Small” day is Saturday, November 25. And if parking is an issue, there’s an incentive. The city is offering some free parking every Thursday and Friday for the first three hours when you park at one of the five city garages in the downtown area.

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