Salvation Army feeds the hungry in Savannah on Thanksgiving

It’s a day to give thanks and for many to do something to help the needy. At the Salvation Army in Savannah, up to 300 people were served a hot, holiday meal. “This year we prepared 18 turkeys and are planning to feed about 300 individuals and Thanksgiving really is a time to count our blessings and it’s a way for us to give back,” says Major Philip Swyers.

Swyers says the need is great every year at this time but the colder weather Thursday says brings home the message. “This year in our shelter we’re constantly full,” he said. “We are able to house 132 and so it just tells you that there’s really a need for more housing in our community.”

“And certainly on a night when most of us are able to count our blessings and we have family around the table that’s not the case for a lot of individuals and so you really become aware of it during the holidays, but (homelessness and hunger) that’s certainly something that people face each and every day.”

For the dozens of volunteers who show up, the exprience can be meaningful. Marcus Mobley and his daughter Jazmine started volunteering when she was five years old. Now she’s 13 and they are still volunteering each Thanksgiving Day. “Well, first of all I do it just because we’re called to do it,” Mr. Mobley told us. “Called to help people in these times where we have a good meal and just make sure other people have a good meal as well. It’s fun and it’s fellowship.

His daughter Jazmine said “It means that I can help someone in need because everyone gets the feeeling of love and togetherness.”

Jazmine Mobley said each year as she”s gotten older she looks forward to helping others on Thanksgiving Day.

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