Helping the needy at Wells Park in Savannah

It was just an idea to try to help someone on Thanksgiving Day. For Krystal Young, it turned out to be a very good idea.

“I just had a vision that I had I wanted to keep Savannah warm one jacket at a time and it just started off as a small idea  I told family and friends and put out some information on Facebook and it turned out to be something really great,”: she told us.

Thursday morning, Krystal and few friends gathered at Wells Park, taking shelter under a picnic table cover. It was rainy and cold but they had gathered managed to gather several dozen warms coats and even shoes. Krystal says people in need showed up and then someone brought food. “A man went to Golden Corral and just brought us food from there,” she said. Then a local restaurant delivered a big stack of styrofoam containers of food which served more of the needy. Finally, a local church offered help with donations of food and clothing.

Krystal and her son who’s in fifth grade spent the day together helping others with the help of some friends. She says she hopes to do the same at Christmas but now that she has one event under her belt, she hopes the effort can be even bigger.

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