Toilet terror: Iguana shocks Florida woman

PALMETTO, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida woman is recovering from the shock of a lifetime after finding an iguana in her toilet.

Dani Craven was cleaning her toilet when she encountered the spiny tail iguana.

“All I could see were scaly, like a scaly tail. I couldn’t tell if it was an alligator or a lizard. I didn’t know,” she said.

When she realized it was a lizard, she was terrified. She placed bricks on top of the toilet to make sure it would not escape.

Her husband was not going to arrive home until late, so she put out a plea for help on Facebook.

“I’m such an animal lover that I was like, ‘I can do this. I got it, don’t worry about it.’ I’m like thinking to myself, ‘it’s just a lizard,’” said Walker.

Armed with gardening gloves, a net and a cooler, Walker went to work trying to wrangle the guy.

Several screams later, the iguana was captured. But you can bet Craven will never look at toilets the same way again.

The lizard was taken to Matthews Wildlife Rescue who will use the iguana for educational purposes.

Justin Matthews with the rescue center says the iguana is native to Mexico.

It was likely someone’s pet that was thrown away and made its journey through a sewer.

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