Principal makes good on fundraising promise

May Howard Elementary School's interim principal Tanisha Wright makes good on a promise to her students.

Some educators go above and beyond when it comes to helping students become successful. May Howard Elementary School’s interim principal Tanisha Wright is no exception.

Take a look at the hilarious picture she posted to her facebook page.

Wright told her students that if they reached their $50,000 dollar fundraising goal, she’d let them tape her to the wall. Tuesday, she made good on her promise.

It’s all a part of an annual fundraiser sponsored by the school’s PTA called the ‘Boosterthon Fun Run.’ Students solicit pledges for the number of laps they ran in the event which was held October 19.

Money raised will benefit the school’s Balance Literacy Reading Curriculum., STEM program, and other instructional materials.

Wright says, “What a fun and exciting event to see the laughs and smiles on all of my staff and students’ faces before the holidays.”

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