Ohio State suspends 37 fraternities amidst hazing, alcohol cases

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio State University has suspended 37 fraternities, according to a Thursday press release.

This includes all social, recruitment and new member activities for Interfraternity Council (IFC) chapters.

The university says it has been investigating 11 of the 37 chapters since the beginning of the year, mostly for cases involving hazing and alcohol.

In an e-mail to IFC presidents, senior director of sorority and fraternity life Ryan Lovell said the number of investigations is “unacceptably high.”

“The university will not tolerate behavior that puts the health and safety of students at risk,” he wrote.

“I don’t like that they’re suspending or cease-and-desisting certain fraternities. I’d like them to actually come to a decision one way or the other instead of leaving everything in this gray area,” said fraternity member Will Towers.

But some understand the university’s stance.

“It’s hard as a university, you know, we are all just trying to work together here in light of everything that’s been going on with the sororities and fraternities,” said Emily, who belongs to a sorority. “I think it’s in the best interest of the campus to keep everything under control.”

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