How many things can scammers think of?

If your phone rings and you see “Chatham County Sheriff” on your caller ID, you think I better answer that call. But it’s not the sheriff calling, it’s a scammer. In the past week, two scams have been reported by authorities who say crooks are “spoofing” the number of the sheriff’s office to make the calls seem legitimate. They’re not.

One scam is about jury duty and this week, we’re told scammers are calling people claiming their relative has been kidnapped. The Better Business Bureau says the best thing is to hang up on callers who ask for money or better yet, just don’t answer the phone at all if you don’t really know who’s calling.

More advice from the BBB:

1) Never give anyone who calls you any money
2) Be suspicious immediately if the caller asks for money to be paid in quick methods that are not traceable like Western Union, MoneyGram or even Green Dot Cards
3) Never give a caller personal information like Social Security number of bank account number
4) If the call is legitimate and you let it go to voicemail, you can be assured the caller will leave you a message
5) Government agencies, including the local sheriff’s office and the Internal Revenue Service do not call members of the public about jury duty or back taxes.

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