House approves GOP tax cuts in major step toward overhaul

WASHINGTON (WSAV) — The House approved a GOP tax cuts package Thursday, meaning Republicans are one step closer to overhauling taxes.

President Trump went to Capitol Hill to give House Republicans a pep talk — pass tax cuts and you’ll keep your campaign promise.

Hours later, a majority of the House and not a single Democrat voted to move forward with tax cuts.

“We’re encouraged the House and the Senate are working together to do what they asked the President to do,” says Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary.

While the White House is celebrating the vote, the fight over tax reform is far from over.

The Senate is working on a tax package of its own, and at least one Republican has said he cannot support it.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., says the plan helps corporations, not small businesses.

“I’m just looking for a fair shake for all businesses to maintain the competitive balance,” he explains.

Despite Johnson’s claims, Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon says she’s convinced the senator will eventually change his mind.

“He was able to speak to the President last night,” she says, “he’s going to get more information about the tax bill and how it’s going to shake out.”

But Senate Republicans can only afford to lose one more vote and still pass tax cuts.

Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer says Democrats are stuck on the sidelines.

“The process they’ve put us in doesn’t give us any say, so it’s hard to slow it down, and that’s a huge mistake,” Schumer says.

But Republicans say Democrats are making the mistake of not jumping on board.

The Senate is expected to vote on its tax package after Thanksgiving.

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