Sen. Lindsey Graham: Republicans need to pass tax plan

RIDGELAND, S.C. (WSAV) — South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters today that Republicans need to pass a tax plan or “they’re finished.”  Actually he used the term “we would be dead.”

Graham made his remarks after visiting with city and Jasper County officials in Ridgeland.

The senator says he supports a provision in the Senate version of the tax bill that would repeal the deduction of state and local taxes on federal returns. Graham acknowledged it would likely pit larger and often more blue states (with higher tax rates) against states with lower rates.

Graham said increasing the standard deductions for individuals and families would offset repealing the above deductions.

Graham said he plans to work on three major projects being promoted and planned by Ridgeland area officials: getting a new exit off I-95 near Hardeeville, expanding the Ridgeland airport and building the Jasper Ocean Terminal.

Graham also made the somewhat surprising assessment that a project to build a new nuclear project in South Carolina which was abandoned some months ago by several energy companies is not over in his estimation. Graham says he is hoping to find someone to take over the project. He also expressed support for the continuation of the controversial Plant Vogtle project in Georgia

When asked about sexual abuse allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, Graham called the allegations “horrible” and said if true, that Moore should drop out of the race.

However, Graham also indicated that may be up to the people of Alabama.

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