6-year-old donates stuffed animals to Hurricane victims

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Many are still struggling to get back to normal after Hurricane Harvey and Irma, while others are still providing recovery efforts.Six-year-old, Jenna Peltier and her mother Christina, worried for their safety once they knew Hurricane Irma was headed to Georgia.

Six-year-old, Jenna Peltier and her mother Christina, worried for their safety once they knew Hurricane Irma was headed to Georgia.

After evacuating, Jenna heard about the thousands who were left homeless after both hurricanes hit. Jenna wanted to help, although she didn’t know what she would return home to.

Her mom initially said they would pray for the families, but Jenna had another idea. She focused on what made her happy, and for her, that is stuffed animals.

“They help me feel better and help people feel better sometimes,” Jenna says.

“She wants to give them that comfort, that cuddle and that hug, and make sure they know they are loved,” Christina said.

Christina is a single mother who never second-guessed her ability to help her daughter.

“I’ve always told her no matter what your dreams are, I’m going to help you get there,” Christina said.

She is doing more than helping. Christina is handling all of the logistics while Jenna promotes. Logistics include boxing, responding to families that are in need, seeking donations, and paying for shipping.

Some local businesses have stepped in to donate and cover some of the costs.

Litter Box Thrift Store in Hilton Head donated four large bags of stuffed animals. Coward Realty is working to provide a storage pod to store the stuffed animals since the Peltiers’ living room is starting to fill up.

So far they’ve sent five boxes to five different families. Christina says that’s almost a hundred stuffed animals, 17 of which came from Jenna’s bedroom.

“We don’t have an end goal, we don’t have an end amount, we’re going to keep going. She doesn’t want to just help hurricane victims but to any natural disasters. She’s heard about earthquakes in all these other places, so she wants to reach anybody, anywhere,” Christina says.

If you would like to donate, visit their Facebook page or email hugsafterhurricanes@gmail.com for more information. On November 11, she will have her second drive to send more stuffed animals to families in need. The drive is from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at St. Peter the Apostle Church located at 7020 Concord Road in Savannah.

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