iPhone glitch frustrates users but it’s an easy fix

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Earlier this month Apple unveiled the new iPhone X, along with its latest software update IOS 11.

There were many who didn’t want to empty their piggy banks for the phone, so they decided to update, not knowing one little glitch would cause a lot of confusion.

Now every time a text message is sent, or a post is shared on social media the letter “I” reads as “A????.”

This causes confusion for users who are texting, trying to communicate with one another.

“I think that maybe I had gone on Wi-Fi somewhere and someone had put a virus on my phone,” says Tori Ingram an iPhone 7 user.

The glitch came when the update was first released, revealing 70 new emojis among other features.

Ingram soon realized she wasn’t the only one — others were facing the same issue.

“I’m just so disappointed in iPhone. It’s like, ‘What’s going on man?’ it’s like Apple is doing silly stuff,” says Talor Hines.

Richard Iserman feels the same way. “It’s the letter ‘I.’ It’s the word ‘I.’ It’s the most used word ever in any text message, so I don’t know. I thought it was just messed up.”

And some have even tried their own troubleshooting

“I’ve rebooted my phone, I’ve updated it — all of that stuff and it’s still there. Do you know how to fix it?”

There are two ways to fix it. The first is by updating to the newest software apple released overnight.

Simply to go settings, click general, then software update for IOS 11.1.

The other is to create a shortcut. Go to your settings, click general, and then keyboard.

Once you get to the keyboard screen click text replacement then the plus sign in the top right corner. Type the letter ‘I’ in phrase and in shortcuts and press save.

One of these solutions will help fix that annoying glitch.

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