Leaders mull over future funding plan for Crimestoppers program

SAVANNAH, Ga.  (WSAV) — There are several organizations that will suffer from the city’s budget cuts. News 3 learned Crimestoppers was among them. But, now the city may have found a long-term plan for the organization.
Crimestoppers did make the list of the city’s proposed cuts, in fact, the city planned to eliminate two positions within that organization.
But, Thursday, News 3 learned city leaders are now trying to find ways to keep the organization a-float. Leaders of Crimestoppers say the organization is vital to solving crimes in Savannah and Chatham County.
For example, in the past year, Crimestoppers awarded 21-thousand dollars to people phoning-in anonymous tips about the crime.
Thursday, News 3 made several phone calls to city leaders who now say they’ll try to help Crimestoppers become an independent organization.

“There’s so many people who are in fear of calling law enforcement. Crimestoppers is a program that should continue because we work for the people in the community,” says Pamela Rountree with Crimestoppers.

For now, Crimestoppers will continue to receive funding from the city. We’ve also learned county leaders will meet with the organization next week to determine options for the program.

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