With newly elected leadership, Port Wentworth voters ask for fresh start

PORT WENTWORTH, GA. – On Tuesday, the city of Port Wentworth decided to start a new chapter by electing a new mayor.

After current mayor Glenn Jones announced he would not be seeking reelection for the third time, Tim Holbrook and Gary Norton presented their cases and campaigned for the top seat in the city.

Both men have spent decades in Port Wentworth and served on city council. In 2001 Holbrook was elected and served one term as mayor for the city.

On Tuesday night, the results came in with more than 56 percent of the vote going to Norton.

WSAV spoke to Norton after the results broke.

“I’m gonna do the best job that I can. I’m gonna try to make everybody safe and sound and thank y’all for getting out and voting,” the mayor-elect said.

Earlier in the day, WSAV spoke to voters about their hopes for the new mayor and the city they call home.

“We need more businesses in Port Wentworth and well as more family attractions,” Tonia Howard-Hall said.

Norton publicly says he wants to increase public safety, city drainage, and build a new sports complex for kids.

Frank Stokes shares the need to focus efforts and funds on the next generation.

“Include more activities for the younger people like after school programs, gym anything,” he said.

Currently Port Wentworth City Councilman Paul Fox told News 3 he’s looking forward to working with Norton for a fresh start.

“I don’t want to work with the Good Old Boy System,” he said. “I want to be straight forward. I want there to be transparency. I want the city to thrive.”

Stokes’ father, also named Frank, asks the new mayor remember every street and background when making decisions for families like his.

“I think the last establishment they neglected some parts of Port Wentworth and I would like the next mayor to know that we want you to be all-inclusive of everyone, in all different neighborhoods.” Stokes said.

Tuesday night Holbrook called to congratulate Norton on his win and reportedly wished him good luck as the new mayor.


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