Trump sidesteps gun control questions after Texas shooting

WASHINGTON (NBC News) – President Trump is not budging on discussing gun control in response to the shooting in Texas.

When asked if “extreme vetting” of gun buyers could prevent mass shootings, he said those measures are “a situation that probably shouldn’t be discussed too much right now.”

Instead, he is pointing to the Good Samaritan with a gun who stepped in during the church massacre.

“If he didn’t have a gun, instead of having 26 dead you would have hundreds more dead,” said President Trump.

On Capitol Hill, both parties are blaming the Air Force for not properly flagging the alleged shooter’s history of domestic violence and bad conduct discharge, which would have stopped him from buying a gun.

Tuesday, Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn called for both parties to support a bill that makes sure the military uploads this information into the background database, and make sure states do the same.

“Twenty-six wonderful people might be alive today if the law had been followed by the U.S. military,” said Senator Blumenthal.

Second Amendment supporters are calling for the enforcement of existing gun laws and offering their thoughts and prayers, but critics are demanding lawmakers move beyond words to action.

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