Recovering alcoholic says caring for goats helps her stay sober

ANDERSON, S.C. (WYFF) – Time at Split Creek Farms in South Carolina helped one recovering alcoholic stay sober.

Sandra Coffman first came to the farm with only a quarter in her pocket and a void inside that she couldn’t seem to fill.

“No one would have known that I had a disease and battled it every single day,” she said.

To help mask that part of herself, Coffman used her job. She worked her way to the top of Capitol Hill as Deputy Chief of Police.

But the higher she climbed, the harder she fell.

“My soul was gone. I was not alive at all,” Coffman said. “I functioned but I was not alive.”

She hit rock bottom — losing her job and her family. So she decided to check into an addiction center in Maryland.

Just months into her recovery, she happened upon Split Creek Farms.

It was the last place she thought she’d find hope, but it was there, surrounded by goats, that Coffman started her life again.

“The first two years of my recovery were spent caring and loving for these animals and they sort of saved my soul,” she said.

The unlikely therapy worked so well that Coffman is donating five goats to the center.

Now, she hopes the animals will save other lives too.

“You can be yourself you can cry you can work through emotions,” she said, “You can be fearful you can be happy you can be sad and they really don’t care they’re still just going to be there.”

Coffman is nearly 3 years into her recovery.

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