Savannah woman makes desperate plea for return of service dog

Mary Ramos is looking for George, her precious service dog she says was stolen from her back yard a week ago. “George is a miniature Poodle Shih Tzu so he’s got a little mix in there but he’s super intelligent and super loyal,” she told me.

She says she usually keeps George near her but last Sunday, let him go out into the back yard for awhile. Awhile later, she realized George was gone and saw a car driving away.

“That evening when I opened my door and didn’t see him I looked over and there was a white car. I tried to follow it but it was going too fast,” she told me.

Now Ramos is distributing fliers with George’s picture and her phone number (912-441-3792) and information about a reward. “They didn’t know how precious he was to our family, she said. “They didn’t know that this is my service animal. From the military, I have post traumatic stress but when my dog is around, I stay calm.”

“To have somebody snatch him out of my yard is unthinkable,” she said.

Ramos says she was in the process of registering George as a service dog through the Veterans Administration and planned to have him micro-chipped, but she hadn’t gotten around to it. “But you shouldn’t have to even worry about stuff like that because a person can see hes got a shirt on, that dog belongs to someone,” she said.

Ramos just wants her dog back and is appealing to the person or person who took George. “Please bring him back,” she said with tears in her eyes

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