Cat Killing Dogs still sought after recent attacks on Savannah’s Southside

“It would have been Wednesday morning because it happened Tuesday night, ” says Mark Sinclair who is point to a small, shallow grave. “This is where I buried it.

Sinclair says he was pretty shocked to find a dead cat near his driveway a few days ago.
“And then we found out that three doors down there was another cat in the neighbor’s yard and that was a family pet of theirs,” he said.

The two dead cats in this neighborhood on Kings Way add to a growing list of cats that have been attacked and that have died since the end of September.

Kerry Sirvicious from Chatham County Animal Services says some weeks ago five dogs (one stray and four owned dogs) were captured. She says the cat attacks seem to stop for awhile but then started up again. “And these are not rogue dogs out killing cats,” she said. “These two are owned animals that have gotten loose and killed their neighbor’s cats,” she said.

Sirvicious says in one neighborhood where a cat died recently, they think it might have been from a coyote. But she says the vast majority of attacks which have all been on the south side in and around several neighborhoods are from dogs and in the case of the two dogs being sought, she’s convinced these animals have an owner. “They look like they’re well cared for dogs even though they don’t appear to have collars. So we’re looking for the community to actually help identify where these dogs live so we can address this problem.”

Sirvicious says they have “two traps that they are rotating around the neighborhood in an attempt to catch the dogs. “This is the epitome of irresponsible ownership in terms of allowing your dogs to roam free because most of the time people are aware that there is a defect in their gate or they do know their dogs are capable of jumping their fence so it is very important to be mindful of your own pets,” she said.

Sirvicious says they are increasing patrols to 7 p.m. every night because the dogs “have been seen at dusk.”

She is asking anyone who may know anything about the two dogs to call Chatham County Animal Services at 912-652-6575 and ask for an officer.

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