Weather Wise Kids: Why don’t we get snow?

Why don’t we get snow?

Sea Pines Montessori Academy



Hey Benjamin! It’s certainly starting to cool down in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, but not quite cold enough for snow.

Snow is formed when temperatures are low and there is enough moisture in the atmosphere for tiny ice crystals to form.

These ice crystals collide and stick together in clouds and eventually become snowflakes.

Did you know most precipitation actually start as snow? If the snowflake falls through air less than 32 degrees it will stay snow. If it falls into air warmer than 32 degrees it will melt.

In the winter months, some of the towns we forecast for drop to temperatures below freezing. But where you call home, on Hilton Head Island, it tends to be milder. The reason for is because you live so close to the Atlantic Ocean. Even in the coldest months of winter, the ocean water is still relatively mild compared to the temperatures on land. This keeps temperatures in coastal towns warmer than cities further inland.

So far, this winter is forecasted to be warmer and drier than average, so the chances of seeing snow will be pretty low.

Your best bet will be at the annual “Snow Day” on Hilton Head Island!

For Weather Wise Kids I’m Chief Meteorologist Kris Allred.

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