Operation Safe Holiday: Plan early if flying to your destination this holiday

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — We are quickly approaching one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. All the hustle and bustle in airports during the holidays can cause major anxiety for some people.

Here’s some common sense advice to remember before you get to the airport:

  • Pack lightly
  • Get to the airport two hours early — especially during the holidays
  • If you’re flying through larger airports — schedule enough time between your flights, and also check their apps or website to become familiar with the airport

What about security? Are you allowed to pack shampoo or shaving cream? Check out www.tsa.gov to find out what you can and cannot carry on your flight.

And, we know many of you will be traveling with your children which can add to the stress. Remember to have something for them to do — such as toys or games.

“Allow plenty of time when traveling with children for sure, make sure you have time for bathroom stops and food stops,” says Lori Lynah, with Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. “Get them through security as soon as you get here, go ahead and get everybody through security and then you can relax.”

If you’re flying out for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but want to avoid the large crowds, experts say the best day to fly out is Tuesday.

And, what’s worse than getting stranded in an airport for the holidays? Don’t forget to factor in the possibility of severe weather which could cause flight delays.

Have phone numbers for the airline, car rentals, hotels and family members already locked into your cell phone.

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