Candidate reports stolen, damaged election signs in Guyton

GUYTON, Ga. (WSAV) — As many people are counting down to Election Day, one local candidate says this year stands out for all the wrong reasons.
Michael Johnson of Guyton is no stranger to politics, but he says what is strange is what’s happening to more than a dozen of his campaign signs, and he says he’s got the video to prove it.

“I’m running for City Council Post 4. If elected, this will be my third term in office,” Johnson said.
But this election cycle, it’s the incumbent’s blue signs, not speeches, causing commotion.
“(People are) Taking em, throwing them down in ditches or just taking them with them.”
He says he’s had 15 signs tampered with or stolen and he showed News 3 a cell phone video he shot on Oct. 8.
“I think I see the person that’s throwing my signs in the ditch,” he explained.
Suspicious, he turned his car around to confront a woman he said is Pat McMall. Johnson said she’s a supporter of his opponent– T. Marshall Reiser.
“I have her with the signs in her hand. (I ask her) Can I ask you, why are you picking up signs? It’s on my property.”
Johnson insists it’s on city property.
He said to her, “You didn’t have the decency to come ask me.  That is city right-of-way. …”

The woman on the video responded, “Well you can put them back all you want. I’m going to take em down and throw them away.”

On the video, Johnson told her he would get the police.

And he did –resulting in an incident report. Later, Johnson said he found out the signs were on state property–so they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. But for him, the woman’s act still stings.
“Cause a sign doesn’t vote, the people vote.”
And he’s not backing down.
“We’re going to take that to a higher level to court.”
He’s not alone. His neighbor, Joseph Lee is also running for council. He says he’s had more than 10 signs stolen. After living in Guyton for 40 years, Johnson says he’s never seen anything like it.
“I’m here, I’m a local, this is my hometown and my signs are worth more than the money.

We reached out to Pat McCall to comment on the incident and the video and are waiting for her full statement.



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