What makes Savannah so spooky? Locals share personal encounters

SAVANNAH, Ga. – On this Halloween Night, thousands are taking to the streets in costumes and devouring sweet treats.

Many locals want their Savannah neighbors and visitors to know they likely won’t be alone while enjoying the ghoulish holiday.

“It’s very much like the Christmas of Ghosts so if there’s anytime of the year it’s gonna be this one,” Shannon Scott said. He’s the founder of Sixth Sense Savannah America’s Most Haunted City tours. In 2002, Savannah earned the title that now holds his company’s name. For a city that’s nearly 300 years old, it’s seen its share of good and evil.

“When people ask about that heaviness that’s how I’ve always defined that heaviness is the spiritual residual of that awful history.”

Wars and slavery happening in the streets of Savannah, some says leaves a discord still felt on the spiritual level.

“There’s been so many years that just accumulate death and ghosts,” SCAD student Kat Dezell said. She told News 3 she’s has a personal encounter with a spirit while living in Savannah.

“There’s literally a ghost in my dorm room. He knocks,” she said.

Scott said people shouldn’t be too surprised if they hear about supernatural happenings in the Hostess City.

“Sometimes it’s very dramatic phenomenon and sometimes it’s just incidental or slight,” he said. He says he saw two children in Bonaventure Cemetery one morning. “They were there one second, the next second they were gone.”

For those who don’t believe in ghosts, Dezell asks you not be so quick to dismiss what might be lingering nearby.

“Just give it one night and you’re gonna take back your statement.”


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