Video: ‘Fathers in Blue’ surprise bride during wedding

OHIO (WSAZ) — An Ohio bride’s recent wedding day included a special tribute to her late father, thanks to his fellow police officers.

Mikayla Wroten, lost her father, David Poling, ten years ago when he drowned chasing a suspect into the Ohio River.

She was 9-years-old at the time while her younger sister, Faith, was 4.

Mikayla knew she would not be able to share a “father-daughter” dance with her dad, but some of his closest friends and colleagues wanted to make sure she still had her special moment. Several officers, dressed in uniform, took turns dancing with Mikayla during a “father-daughter” dance.

“We wanted to be able to give her on her wedding day, the little piece of Dave that couldn’t be there, that each of us carries with us every day,” Sheriff Matt Champlin said.

Champlin says Sgt. Adam Holcomb of the Gallipolis Police Department came up with the idea and helped to orchestrate it.

Mikayla and her husband, Dakota, have known each other since they were four and five. He is following his father-in-law into law enforcement as a Gallia County deputy.

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