Lowcountry child advocates celebrate new way to recruit foster families

Child advocates across the Lowcountry celebrated Wednesday as the Child Abuse Prevention Association executive director announced a new way to service children in need. Through a grant from the United Way of the Lowcountry, CAPA will now be able to help the Department of Social Services train and recruit families looking to foster children.

Right now the need for foster families is desperate.  Lois Richter, Director of DSS in Beaufort County, said often when an area child needs a temporary home, they are placed outside the county.   That creates even more hardship on the child.

“It’s very problematic, not only for the child but for our workers,” Richter said. “It makes visitation harder. We take the child out of their school, their neighborhood. Even though it may be in their best interest to keep them safe- it’s not in their best interest to have them placed all over the state of South Carolina,” Richer added.  She believes this new effort will essentially give them more nearby options when placing children in safe homes.

Currently CAPA operates a safe-house that has enough room for 15 children per night.  However, each month the association is reminded that their group home isn’t enough to meet the demand for a safe place for the children in need.

“Last month alone we turned away 27 requests for placement,” CAPA Executive Director Christina Wilson said. “And I cant build a shelter overnight but I can recruit foster families overnight so that’s what we’re going to do,” she said,

To get more information about fostering, email CAPA at kids@capabeaufort.org.

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