Video: Patrick Stewart talks Taco Bell, weight loss, crying with ‘Wolverine’

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The SCAD Savannah Film Festival kicked off Saturday, Oct. 28 and runs through Nov. 4 and this year’s festival is already off to star-studded start.

On Saturday, film and television star Lea Thompson and her daughters Zoe Deutch and Madelyn Deutch hit the Red Carpet. Saturday’s event also spotlighted Holly Hunter who was presented with this year’s Icon Award and is at the festival to promote her new film, “Strange Weather.”  Actor and director Salma Hayek walked the red carpet on Sunday night alongside Sir Patrick Stewart. Both were in town to promote their movies as well as to be honored by SCAD for their work in film. Stewart received the Legends of Cinema Award, and Hayek took home the Outstanding Achievement in Cinema Award.

But before walking the red carpet, Sir Patrick Stewart sat down with entertainment correspondent Dave Karger after the screening of “Logan.” The pair talked Taco Bell, weight loss and Stewart’s emotional hand-holding incident with his “X-Men” co-star Hugh Jackman.

Karger started off the interview by asking Stewart about his role as Professor Charles Xavier and the first glimpse the audience gets of Xavier in the film. The scene shows a rambling Profession X scooting around in his wheelchair mimicking a Taco Bell commercial about “the new chalupa.”

Stewart admits that line was written by director James Mangold. When asked if he has tried a chalupa, Stewart quickly says, “No.”

And while the actor provided a lot of laughs for the audience at the Lucas Theatre, he did mention something that drew some gasps.

First, he talks briefly about what may have happened in the story line leading up to “Logan.” And then Patrick says, “It was whispered in my ear a few days ago that there is to be another movie.  I cannot tell you the subject. … It will not include myself.”

And Stewart then shared a sweet moment from the Berlin Film Festival about noticing his co-star Jackman was crying toward the end of the movie–obviously emotional that “Logan” marked the end to the “Wolverine” franchise–something Stewart admits he had not put any thought into. The two men then held hands and cried together.

“I thought, if Hugh Jackman can cry at the movie ‘Logan’ then I certainly can cry too.”

And, if you are curious about Professor X’s frail demeanor in the film, Stewart notes that he did lose 20 pounds for the film and the Hugh Jackman really does pick him up and carry him in the film.

All videos by WSAV photojournalist Drew Hunt. 





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