‘We’re going to get you’ Family of Tampa murder victims speak out

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA/NBC News) – Tampa police, community leaders and residents are all baffled by three recent murders that have few clues.

The mayor of Tampa led a community meeting Monday to speak with concerned family members and neighbors face-to-face.

“For the men and women of the Tampa Police Department, this is personal. This is personal and they’re not gonna stop until we catch this guy,” Mayor Bob Buckhorn told the crows. “Nobody comes into our house and does this. Not now, not ever. This is our streets. These are our neighborhoods, this is our community and we are not gonna let evil win this race.”

Some family members of the murder victims are left speechless while others are enraged by the violent crimes.

“Watch your back now. I’m not watching mine, you better watch yours,” says Melanie Michael, aunt of Benjamin Mitchell. “We’re coming for you. We’re going to get you.”

Tampa police officials believe Mitchell, Monica Hoffa and Anthony Naiboa were all killed by the same serial shooter, but a motive is still under investigation.

Police are getting help from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, St. Petersburg Police and federal agents to help put together the pieces.

They are searching for a person seen in security footage taken near one of the murders.

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