Dad of missing 3-year-old arrested again after changing story

RICHARDSON, Texas (CNN/KTVT) — Texas police say the father of Sherin Mathews was re-arrested Monday evening after changing his story.

Wesley Mathews turned himself into the Richardson Police Station with his attorney and asked to speak with detectives.

Police say he provided a different statement of events regarding the disappearance of Sherin than those he had previously given.

As night fell, word spread that Wesley Mathews, -the father of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews, had been arrested again in connection to her disappearance .

And again neighbors and those who shared concern for the child began to show up at this tree side memorial near her home.

Neighbor, Shannon Bryant said, “I think justice is starting to be served and I think we have 1 down and 1 to go.”

The mood here was one of satisfaction for many who say they never believed the little girl’s parents where forthcoming from the start of the investigation.

“It’s been over two weeks now. He should have come clean a long time ago and stop putting this entire community and all these people who have been out here? He should have ended our turmoil a long time ago.”

Another neighbor, Mercedes Peterson said, “I think that this arrest right now is the beginning of and end for Mr. Mathews and this is no where done from being closed.”

Less than a mile away at the spot where a body believed to be that of Sherin Mathews was discovered on Sunday, another memorial continued to grow.

People here say this ordeal has forever changed this community, and left a sorrow in their hearts for a little girl presumably taken to soon.

Maha Dass, a neighbor, said, “She wanted a loving family, and she couldn’t get that neither in India or here and it breaks my heart that she wanted people to love her and she couldn’t get that.”

It could take another day or so before the medical examiners can make a positive ID on the body that was recovered here, but no one here doubts that is that of Sherin Mathews.

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