Video: Poor feel pinch from bank fees

(NBC News) Federal studies continue to show, America’s poorest people are paying the most in bank and credit union fees.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says, for example, just 9% of all account holders are responsible for nearly 80% of overdraft fees.

“It’s very difficult, especially for low income individuals, to maintain bank accounts, especially if those accounts are charging them fees,” said Amanda Dixon with

Dixon’s just-released survey with also found that nearly 40% of those who make under $30,000 a year do not even have a checking account, and when they do, they pay extra.

On average, about $22 extra a month because of ATM and overdraft fees.

She says that’s why Bankrate and Money set out to identify banks and credit unions that may be more affordable, for low income Americans.

“38% of banks have free checking accounts. So, one of those accounts will certainly be a better fit for you than what you’re currently working with,” said Dixon.

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